Are appointments required for fittings?

While appointments are not required, they are strongly recommended. Appointments with us work like a reservation at a restaurant, you are guaranteed a room at your scheduled appointment time before any walk-ins.
Appointments are ALWAYS required for any mastectomy/lumpectomy fittings. These can be scheduled during the week NOT on Saturdays.

What is a bra fitting?

A bra fitting is more than just a measurement. We will take you from step A to Z so to speak. First, we take your measurement to get an idea of your size. Then we will bring you styles based on your needs and availability. From there we will tweak your fit if necessary to find the perfect size!

How long does a bra fitting take?

Depending on how busy the store is, a bra fitting can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Fittings for specific outfits, i.e.: Wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, etc, with 'hard to fit needs' such as a super low back, super low plunge, etc may take longer. We ALWAYS recommend to bring the dress with you so it is easier on both you and us to find what is right for the dress.

What type of bra should I buy?

That would depend on your individual needs, your size, and what is important to you. However, don't be inflexible with what you need or want, and listen to the advice of the fitter. Understand that certain cup sizes don't come in certain styles. There is a reason for that, because they don't work. We wish they did, we'd sell out. If you want support, you're going to have to have a seam. It's not the end of the world. Besides, whose looking at your chest that much anyway?

On a different note, don't discount a bra based on how it looks on the hanger. Some bras look great on a hanger, but fit very few people. Others don't look that great on a hanger, but fit like a dream, and exceed expectations. You came to us for a reason, you've already got your shirt off, try it on

My new bra feels tight

Your new bra will likely feel tight, particularly if you came in wearing something very loose or that you have had for a while. Bras require a break in period just like shoes or leather gloves. Refer to your care sheet given in your bag for common questions.

Can I wear my clothes while you fit me for a bra?

It is easier, and much more accurate to be measured with your shirt off, bra on. Clothing can throw off measurements. Seeing what we are working with is also helpful in that you may not 'measure' the size you actually are. Frequently we end up bringing a bra in in a larger or smaller cup size then what you measure because we can see that is needed. We usually help our customers into each bra they try on so we can evaluate the fit. If you are uncomfortable with that its not a problem. We do however ask that you let us in after you have the new one on so we can adjust the straps and evaluate the fit. From there we can any size changes we think are necessary, so you have the perfect fit!

What sizes do you carry?

We carry band sizes from 30-56, and cups from AAA-O. Due to the engineering aspect and technical nature of a bra, not all sizes are available in all styles of bras. This is not because we don't carry them, it is simply because they don't exist. The larger the cup, the more structure it will have because it has to be able to support your breast all day. Smaller bras can use thinner/softer materials because they have less 'work' to do to keep you supported all day

Cup sizes really go up to an O?

YES! Frequently women are shocked by what bra size they are thanks to the epidemic of ill fittings at national chains. Most women cannot picture a size past a D or DD. Our most frequently sold cup sizes are F, G, and H.

Do you have a bridal line?

We do. We carry items not only for under the dress to make the dress look amazing, but also items to wear while you're getting your makeup and hair done. We also carry lingerie for the wedding night, including long white Peignoir sets that are absolutely stunning.

Can you order something in my size if it is out of stock?

Of course we can! Seasonal colors are limited release, those we cannot promise, but we will always try. However basics are always available to order.

How often should I be measured for a bra?

You should be measured for a bra a minimum of once a year, preferably twice a year. Your size can change that often. You should also be measured after any life changes that would affect your size. For example, weight gain or loss, pregnancy or birth, starting or ending breast feeding.

How long do bras last for?

It is recommended that you have 3-4 bras that you are rotating regularly and equally (i.e. Not wearing that one bra every day and occasionally wearing the others.)

What is the best way to care for your bras?

Bras should also be hand washed and hung to dry. Moulded cups should be 'reshaped' prior to drying and stored flat not folded into them selves.

If all this followed bras should last 6-9 months.