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It's incredibly important to find a bra that supports and fits your body. No two bodies are exactly the same, so you need to find a custom fit that works for you. Her UnderThings is a bra shop in Albany, NY that offers bra fittings. We'll help you find the perfect bras for your body - our sizes go from a 30AAA to a 56O.

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Feel comfortable, inside and outside of our store

Feel comfortable, inside and outside of our store

When you need a complimentary bra fitting, we're here to help. We take an attentive approach that focuses on your comfort and the styles you need. We'll take your measurements and help you find bras that work for you in different styles. During this process, we'll:

  • Find your cup size
  • Measure your band size
  • Take overall fit into account

If you need a bra for a special dress or wedding gown, we always suggest that you bring the gown to your fitting. These specialized fittings can take up to 40 minutes, but we're sure to find something that works for you. Visit our shop in Albany, NY today.